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Paradise, can it be all I've heard it was.. [entries|friends|calendar]
Jordan <33


Sixteen years young.
Five feet six inches.
Plays Fastpitch Softball.
Favorite number is 14.
Taken by-Morgan.
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Jan 23rd, at 3:49pm 09 ]

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lj is getting lame [Friday
Nov 11th, at 12:54pm 05 ]
wow I never update. I'm not gonna give specifics cause I'm too lazy..but basically I've hung out with matt, nick, and bry a lot lately. gone to matt's hockey games. had a softball meeting about winter conditioning. we're not going to north carolina now because of wpial rules and the tournament is too early so we're planning a new trip, idk where tho. I'm excited for softball to start..I'm going to be lifting 2 times a week for softball, and I'm doing lifting for a gym class 2 to 3 times a week..plus with the running and conditioning aspect of softball I should definitely be getting back to where I was last year or ever better than i was last year. I have a 4.1 in school which is a first, so that's exciting. I love my friends, and actually school for the most part..which is basically just because of my friends. work sucks, I want to quit. Kim (my mom's best friend/cousin) is getting married at the end of this month. lisa and shelley will both be at the wedding because all of our mom's are close. it should be hella fun. yes i just said hella. tonight I'm supposed to go ice skating cause matt's working..idk if that will happen. if not who knows what I'll do. I have to work tomorrow which is gay..from 9-5, torture. sunday i think i'm gonna catch for bry at a pitching clinic, unless i have to work. which i probably will. monday is the montour/moon hockey game so I am definitely going to that, unless I have to work. okay that's good enough..I'll try to update more often. ♥

if you watch trading spouses, here's the video of that lady and her crazy fit
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much over-do update. mostly pics [Sunday
Oct 16th, at 8:22pm 05 ]
SoOo. I don`t really remember what`s happened lately. Like 3 weeks of stuff, so I'll just list random stuff..

♥ Morgan & I broke up, I guess he just didn't feel the way I thought he did..but it's okay.
♥ Friday I had to work but of course the bests came & picked me up & we went to npch. Nick, Tommy, Lindsey, Amara, Amanda, and I that is.
♥ Saturday I had a softball tournament.
♥ After my tournament I went out with Nick, Amara, Matt, & Zach.
♥ Sunday I had 2 more softball games, and had to get up early again.
♥ Went to Kennywood's Fight Night's with Amara, Ryan, Nick, Ashley, Jenna, Andy, & Jude.
♥ Went to Matt's hockey game with Syd & Nick & then out to eat n park afterwards
♥ Last home football game against Blackhawk & lost of course, then went out after.
♥ Yesterday after work Lisa~Maria & I went to King's and Jessie was working, that was amusing lol.
♥ Worked today from 8am-2. that sucked so bad, I had to like clean a stockroom out by myself. for 6 hours straight =(

like 30 pictures from all that stuffCollapse )
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shc, jon and my club for hating school created sophomore year [Wednesday
Oct 5th, at 3:21pm 05 ]
this is in honor of our gracious principal who won't allow us to wear flip flops, back-less shoes, ripped jeans, adidas sandals, tank tops, shorts in winter...and also makes the busses come 5 minutes earlier.
click if you go to MONTOUR or just want to be amusedCollapse )
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Sep 27th, at 8:31pm 05 ]
everyone should watch Bound For Glory on ESPN at 10 tonight. It`s a reality TV show on my high school. I could possibly be in it.
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homecoming & such [Wednesday
Sep 14th, at 5:01pm 05 ]
[ mood | crazy ]

2 Sunday nights ago..was the greatest. ♥ ..Nick picked me up around 730 and we went to NPCH and met up with Tommy, Lindsey, and Amara. I`m surprised we didn`t get kicked out, you`d think we were drunk because we were talking about the strangest things and could not stop laughing. Not to mention took some freaking odd pictures. Lindsey managed to spill her water allll over her pants, that was pretty hilarious. After North Park we crammed into Nick`s car and went to the movies. We saw the 940 show of the 40-year old virgin. That movie was freaking hilarious. I loved it. There were a lot of people there for it being so late too. After the movie Nick drove us all home, and I crashed cause it was like 1230. Sad, isn`t it.

Mmmk so anyways I can`t remember the rest of the week, I know I had a softball game against CV and we beat them 2-3 without a pitcher pretty much. & then Friday after school Amara, Syd, and I went to get our nails done. Morgan ended up coming half way through and sat there and was probably bored lol. But then Morgan and I picked out a dress shirt for hc, last minute, and then picked up Amara & Lisa. Then we went over Alex`s house with Amanda and had pizza. Then we went to the football gameeee. It started off surprisingly well, and then they dominated. Oh well. ESPN was there and the cameras were like surfing thru the crowd it was creepy. After the game we went to NPCH. And then I slept in for the first time in forever.

Saturday was HOMECOMING! I got up around 1230 and got my hair done and all the rest of that stuff. And then Morgan picked me up and we got pictures. He was so adorable looking & he gave me pretty flowers which he told me he forgot to order =) And then-I probably shouldn`t say this- but he left the tickets at his house so we had to go all the way back and get them. Then we went to Lindsey`s to get more pictures and then went to homecoming. The food was horrible, but the dancefloor was much better than last year. It was a lot bigger and like a separate room. We were on camera the whole night which kind of frightens me..oh well. After homecoming Morgan, Syd, Keith, and I went to Amanda`s for an after-party, and then Keith left and we left around 1 and went to Denny`s lol. Then Morgan stayed over but he was sick =( I only took like 6 pictures at hc but oh well.

pictures from npch and homecomingCollapse )
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Sep 3rd, at 6:02pm 05 ]
So Thursday we went back to school. My bus was like 25-30 minutes late, so Chris and I started to walk towards his house cause we has just gonna drive to school. Because honestly, what can they do? Our bus didn`t come, would they rather us not drive to school and not come either? But as we started to walk down the bus came. They changed everything without telling any of us. So 11th grade is pretty sweet, I like it a lot. My hrs anatomy teacher is 24 and looks like josh hartnett so everyone is obsessing. I have 5 classes with Syd, including gym. ESPN was freaking everywhere, they were recording Syd & my convo in gym and stuff..it`s so weird. Like I`m pretty used to it now, but it`s annoying.

Friday we had our first pep rally of the year, and they gave us all those "bam bams" or w/e they are called that are like blow-up sticks that you bang together and they make a weird noise. The Miami Heat cheerleaders were there too, and they presented our cheerleaders w/ a trophy case. We ended up winning our game, which is good..so we`re 1-1. We`ll see what happens. Nick gets to leave school after 7/8th period because he goes to CCAC for a class on tues and thursday..but he still gets to leave on days he doesnt have class. PLUS he gets to drive to school everyday, which is awesome. I wish we all were allowed. So after school he picked me up & we went to Olive Garden lol. Random. Then around 6 I went over Morgan`s and we played football, basketball, and he actually let me throw to him again. (after I one hopped him and took away his chances of reproducing lol.) He is pretty brave, especially because his catchers glove is waaaay too small. We had to watch his little brother who is like 5, and they were playing video games and I fell asleep haha. And then we played cards with him and stuff.

Today I worked from 9-530. Some weird lady came in and she made me triple bag her stuff because she didn`t want people to know what she bought. Even though it wasn`t anything weird. And then she complained because one of the bags were kind of wrinkle-y. And when she paid she gave me brand-new 20 and took it back and gave me a slightly less new 20 instead. She was definitely a weird one @ that. Amara, Lindsey, and I were supposed to go out but our plans got messed up so I think that we are tomorrow. lets hope

EDIT: I forgot to add this, however I find it rather important. Our new principal will not let us wear flip flops or ripped jeans anymore. WHAT THE HELL. Andddddd in the middle school you can`t have your hair dyed any un-natural hair color, including black. You can`t have mohawks or your hair spiked. Annnd lastly you can`t have your ears gauged. This is supposed to move up to the high school also. I smell rebellion. lol. But honestly, WTF its a public school and no one is going to listen anyways. UGHHH
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one more day of summer =( [Tuesday
Aug 30th, at 6:11pm 05 ]
[ mood | dorky ]

Wow I haven`t updated in forever. Basically all I have been doing is working, like 38 hours a week. It sucks, badly. Sunday, Morgan picked me up and we went to the mall & I got new shoes @ pac sun, a purse w/ polka dots there, and Morgan bought me a hoodie at Hollister, because he is a sweetheart. Afterwards we went to NPCH and back to his house. We picked his little brother up from his aunts house around 630 and rented movies. Then I slept over & we came back to my hosue for a little. Then I got a shower and we went back to the mall. My sister & her friends were already there so we ended up taking them home. Then we left for the STYX / KANSAS CONCERT =) that was amazing. I had a lot of fun, even though Tommy Shaw had laryngitis =(. But I love Morgan!!!!!!!! lol. Oh..and Max had to be put to sleep, my neighbors dog who is practically my own. He wouldn`t eat or anything so my mom and patti took him to the vet and they thought his intestines were twisted but when they went to operate they found numerous tumors..and they only gave him a week to live. It`s definitely really weird that he isn`t around.

Thursday Morgan came to my work around 430ish and was probably bored out of his mind until I got off at 5. We went to Destinta and saw the Skeleton Key, it was pretty good I guess. Then I got a permit book finally, I`ve been procrastinating. Afterwards we went to eat and came back to my house for a little.

Saturday I went to a golf course in Ohio with Morgan and his parents. The weather sucked but it was pretty fun. Afterwards we picked up Morgans new car and then Morgan I rented movies. Then we went back to his house and I spent the night. In the morning we picked up shane and they dropped me off at home & went to hockey tryouts.

Tuesday Morgan came over around 11 and we went to Court`s house because she was babysitting & couldn`t buy homecoming tickets. So then we went to the high school and there was freaking the longest line..so we just cut up to the front with Tommy, lol. Then we went to the mall and I got a long sleeved shirt at Hollister made w/ this soft material because I need to stop buying summer clothes. And then I got stuff to wear for the first day of school..and then left cause Morg didn`t really want to be @ the mall like every other guy. So after we went to Bravo for lunch & back to my house. Then we got ice cream and he had to go home.

Tomorrow I work, on my last day of summer =( how "fair"
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the beach & warped tour [Saturday
Aug 6th, at 1:35pm 05 ]

Hmm so lets see..what all has happened since I left. The night before vacation Nick picked me up and we picked up Syd & Keith and went out. We ended up at the Oakdale Fair for like 10 minutes but became extremely bored..so then we went over Morgan`s house. Stayed there until like 11? It was fun..Keith was trying to knock Calvin over but that didn`t really happen lol.

Friday morning we picked up Syd & Steph and left for North Carolina. The trip down sucked, because I hate being in the car. We stayed overnight in a hotel with a warm pool w/ some crazy stalker mexican guy. Then we left in the morning for Myrtle Beach. Our condo was extremely nice. The condo next to us had like 4 teenage boys staying in it..and that was seriously the extent of guys under 25 and over 5 at that place. We saw a bunch of  people from around here @ our condo, including someone who works @ our school that I can`t remember his name haha. He used to always let his kid in the batting cages during softball practice and it pissed us all off. The weather was amazing, we had 100 degree temperatures everyday..and no rain. Syd & I worked out everyday we were there as our goal, 2 miles running for me and 2 biking for her. We stuck w/ it and I was proud lol. We walked to Main Street (where the locals hang out) like 4 times..and that is a 4 mile walk both ways..yeah that sucked haha. The last night we were @ Main Street and met two locals that I didn`t already know (I know a bunch from last year). We hung out with them for the rest of the night. Sean, who is 16, was driving and I asked him how old they had to be to get their permits and they only have to be 15 and 15 1/2 to get their license in South Carolina! What bull lol. So anyways we ended up at Wal*Mart & Subway with them..and then we went Mini-golfing at this awesome course. We came home to pack and I had a 3 hour conversation with Morgan, a much needed conversation..which made me feel so much better, and just more perfect. On the drive home we stopped at some Shoneys restaurant and my mom got food poisioning, how wonderful. Thank God I didn`t end up getting what she ate, cause she was trying to pursuade me to. But all in all vacation was pretty awesome.

Sunday morning Morgan picked me up and we went to TGIFridays for lunch. Afterwards we went back to his house and eventually Calvin`s to hang out. I played HALO 2 with them..yeah I really suck @ video games. We ended up back @ Morgans for a little and then went swimming at Calvins. He has an awesome inground pool that goes to 9feet. I spent the night at Morgans and then we got up really early for Warped Tour. We picked up Shane and Calvin and went to McDonalds to get something to eat, but none of us ended up eating for some reason. Warped Tour was amazing! Especially SCARY KIDS!!! At the end the keyboardist stage dove off 15 foot high speakers, it was sweet. Sydney and I got his autograph on our shirts that we were wearing & got a picture with him. During The Starting Line, Morgan and I were upfront and it was insane..everyone was pretty much moshing & so many people were crowd surfing..like 3 people got dropped on my head and one got dropped on my lap haha. Eventually it was too crazy so Morgan and I surfed to the front to get out lol. The last band we watched was My Chemical Romance. Which, as expected, was great. They had to stop like 3 times because people were passing out/knocked out from getting dropped lol. After Warped Tour the 4 of us went to CiCi`s Pizza in Bridgeville.  Then we dropped Shane and Calvin off & I stayed over Morgans again. In the morning Morgan made me French Toast, because he is adorable. & then we were in his room and Tiger Lily was on and he was dancing with me..it was the most romantic thing, I love him..he is just, beyond amazing.

pictures from the beachCollapse )
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Jul 18th, at 1:21pm 05 ]

Friday, Brian & Jude called me saying they were going to come over & swim. But around 6ish it started to storm so I called them & they said we should just go out. So I called Syd & Shell to come over & Jude picked us up to go to dinner. We decided on NPCH cause the wait was ridiculous everywhere. After we ate we came back to my house. Kim had gotten there, my mom picked her up while we were gone. The 6 of us walked down to the bowling alley but it was closed. So we ended up in Eckerd. Shelley fell off a chair & brian had make-up put on him lol. Eventually we went back to my house to get Jude`s car & then we went bowling at Noble Manor. That place is freaking EXPENSIVE! So we bowled, and I did pretty good I was surprised. Sydney had like a 32 lmao, but it`s okay. To end the night Grabel joined us and bowled Syd`s last frame, but she didn`t have the shoes so she attempted in her socks. Bad idea. She nose-dived and the ball went into the next lane. Wow that was amazing =D

Saturday, we went to Brad`s house for a picnic. Played a few vball games with the boys, I attempted to jump on the net imitating Ryan and broke it =O..but they fixed it. & then we sang karaoke. Lmao that was great. Us girls definitely beat the boys at N*SYNC =D

Sunday, was I`boro DayZz lmao. Yeah they are pretty stupid anymore, so I didn`t go down until like 9? But anyways..we had like 503467 people over our house as usual, matt (my cousin) was there & he was the only sane one so I talked to him. Jenn came over around 9ish and got kind of freaked out because my cousin Autumn who pitched in high school softball was asking my pitching motion cause she couldn`t remember how she threw and we were both like doing out motions and jenn walks up very slowly looking all confused lmao. I also go recruited to some softball team that my neighbor manages, I`m supposed to be 17 but he said he`ll sneak me in. Idk what they are, but it should be fun. Jenn & I went down to Ingram Days and saw Shell, Hali, Lisa, and Heather. Hung out with them for a little & decided we were bored out of our minds and came home & watched fireworks.

Today, Hmm Idk what I`m doing. I have pitching at 2 until like 330..and that`s about the most concrete of plans. Morgan has a hockey game at 630? but idk if I can go..hopefully though.

oh yeah--Syd & I leave for Myrtle Beach ON FRIDAY =D
and I think I`m rescheduling my party for Aug 12. Maria might come into town!!


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PA SOUTH 2ND PLACE!!!!! [Saturday
Jul 16th, at 11:18pm 05 ]
[ mood | confused ]

Saturday, Morgan & I went to Drew`s graduation party. Brad was helping me with my inside curveball & it`s pretty sweet..not that I can ever use it considering it was baseball lol. Brad was pitching to me and I got a 1-hop into my shin..yeah that was fun lol. Actually getting hit with a softball hurts a hell of a lot worse. But now I have a nice bruise there. Morgan & I left around 7 and met up with Dave & Leah who dropped their car off at his house. Then we went to West Virginia again to go bowling. The boys beat us everytime, even with 20 extra points they added on our score =( lol. On the car ride home we played strip piddle, lmao.. Leah & I got OWNED. We were pretty much naked and the guys only had their shoes off. But finally we got them to the point we were..and then we ended up stopping cause we were starving and went to Vocelli`s before it closed. Morgan went in and ordered the pizza while I tried to fix a fight between Leah & Dave. Then on the drive back to Morgan`s as we were trying to help we turned around and they were making out lmao. So I guess they made up ;) After they left we came back to my house and Morgan stayed til like 2am and left because he was falling asleep.

Sunday, Morgan & I had to go to Wheeling, WV for work. Heath got us jobs for her catering service "Aladdin". That was a lot of fun, not. But we got paid 12 dollars an hour. We had to set up and tear down & we had to take peoples food away and clean and stuff..but the only thing that really sucked was how good the food looked & how hungry we were. After work (7 hours heck yes) Morgan & I rented "the jacket" and "hitch". Then he slept over.

Monday morning we went to Sheetz and got MTO`s and I got a smoothie. Then we left around 1230 for work. Monday was a LOT harder than Sunday. We had to set up the dining area with the 50 million pieces of silverware and stuff. (it was the whole 3 forks kind of a thing) & then we had to do hors d'oeuvres. That was probably the hardest part because they were so heavy and we had to keep our arms up walking around to people. After hors d'oeuvres we had to serve the 5-course meal and take it away. And of course everything had to be placed perfectly and served to the left and taken from the right. But it really wasn`t too horrible. We finally got out of there around 11..and since they pay us 2 hours for driving we made about 220 dollars under-the-table for the weekend. Score. Morgan slept over again and I felt bad cause he had to leave my house at like 9am to get his drivers license changed to his new last name.

Tuesday, we had round-2 of playoffs for softball. We got in 3 innings and were winning 2-0 but it started to lightening so we had to get off the field. The team started doing sing`a`longs like B.I.N.G.O. and Row Row Row Your Boat. Lmao..and eventually we moved to the grass and played Duck Duck Goose. Omg I love my team..that was awesome. Bonding in tournaments is the best. But unfortunately the game got rained out so we pick up wednesday.

Wednesday, I had the makeup game but it got rained out. Morgan & I went to Max & Erma`s for dinner with Dave & Leah. Afterwards we decided to go mini-golfing at RMU Sports Center or w/e..bad mistake. So the game was cool & all & lots of fun. But on the way home Morgan was speeding and got pulled over. Yeah he was going 86 in a 55. Which basically means he could lose his license & his parents are definitely pissed off. So that screwed our weekend big time.

Thursday, we picked up the softball tournament finally. We won our first game 4-0 I believe and then we went to the championship against CV =D unfortunately we lost..but hell 2nd place is definitely cool with me. I love my team <3

THE TEAMMMM being gangsta

Love Me + Edit

my luck sucks [Friday
Jul 8th, at 11:15pm 05 ]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Well I can`t remember much lately since I haven`t updated but I`ll start with Saturday. I went over Morgan`s house and we babysat his little brother and his 2 friends. Dave and Leah came over with steaks and hamburgers and we cooked out & watched a movie. Morgan drove me home around 12 so he was with me @ midnight for my birthday =)

Sunday Morgan and I went to breakfast with my parents and cousin. Then he had to go to work and came back to my house around 230. We picked up Lisa and went to the mall..I got a new cellphone cover, it`s like zebra stripes. After the mall we attempted going to Wal*Mart to get his paycheck cashed but they weren`t doing it for some reason that day. Afterwards we took Lisa home and picked up my sister and her friend and went to a Wild Things game. We (Morgan and I) eventually left around 8 and went to Crafton Celebrates and met up with Keith and Sydeny. We didn`t stay long there either and ended up going swimming in Syd`s aunt`s heated pool =) Oh yeah and it was my 16th birthday haha. It was a verrry good birthday at that.

Monday Morgan and Dave picked me up and we went to Ohio to get fireworks. Afterwards we picked up Leah and took them back to Dave`s so he could get his car. Morgan and I went to the store to buy food for his bonfire and went back to his house. Eventually shane came over and we set off fireworks and such and eventually more people came for the bonfire. We were outside til like 3 and I ended up sleeping over.

Thursday Morgan came over & we swam & such & went to Olive Garden =D..Friday Morgan picked me up & we went to Bravo for dinner. Then we went back to his house & he had to leave for work. Then I was talking to Chels online about our playoff game for softball.

This is my luck..RIGHT HERE!

SuNShiNe07439: soo are u friends coming to the g ame
SuNShiNe07439: cuz u know we neeed fans
CabanaCuti 14: haha when is it?
SuNShiNe07439: MONDAY
SuNShiNe07439: and we have practice tommrow
CabanaCuti 14: FUCK
SuNShiNe07439: didnt u get the mesage
CabanaCuti 14: fuuuuck..and no, and I work 2-10 on monday
SuNShiNe07439: oh my god
SuNShiNe07439: jordan
SuNShiNe07439: please call off
SuNShiNe07439: we neeed u
SuNShiNe07439: seriously
CabanaCuti 14: I can`t!!!!! I`m getting paid 12 dollars in hour and it`s mandatory
CabanaCuti 14: FUCK are you serious what luck! :-(
SuNShiNe07439: NOOOO
SuNShiNe07439: noo
SuNShiNe07439: im gonna stop breathing
SuNShiNe07439: oh my god
SuNShiNe07439: im gonna have heart failure
CabanaCuti 14: I even told your dad that @ the game :-(
SuNShiNe07439: ahh
SuNShiNe07439: fuckk!
SuNShiNe07439: jordan
SuNShiNe07439: what are wew gonna do

I love that I have THE WORST LUCK IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

gosh. Anyways, tomorrow Morgan & I are going to Drew`s grad party & maybe the Pirate Game with Dave & Leah..? Who knows. Sunday we have to work for 4 hours @ the hotel and unfortunatly Monday we do again.

comments. & check this shit out _____impressive

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summmmerrrr is fucking sweet. [Sunday
Jun 26th, at 11:34pm 05 ]
[ mood | happy ]

Wednesday Vince and Nick picked Syd and I up and we went to Bridgeville. We ended up going to CiCi`s pizza. That place is great lol..we ate so much food. After that we decided to go to Neville FUCKING Wood (nevillewood obviously lol) & check all the houses out and wish we lived there. We got out of the car for like 5.2 secs and walked around but there was nothing to do. We eventually ended up driving around South Fayette & decided to go to Nick`s house. We realized Brendan Jamison lived 2 houses down and since he started going to a new school we never saw him & syd & I wanted to. So the 4 of us started walking towards his house and some kid was behind us and asked if we were looking for brendan and justin, what luck lol..cause it was brendans friend. So he called him to tell him jordan & syd were looking for him (he was on his way home from work) So annnyways it was pretty interesting seeing brendan. lol. We all jumped on nick`s trampolene and such & eventually went home around 1130ish.

Thursday Morgan picked me & jenn up. We went to brad`s house and picked him up and went to Neville Island to go mini-golfing. Jenn & I sucked, oh well. After we went back to brad`s and listened to music..we went to Vocelli`s and picked up a pizza and went to dave`s to meet up with him & leah. After we ate we drove to West Virginia. We raced the whole way there, and we tried racing this silver car that wouldn`t let us pass. Like 100 feet up some cop car spun around and started chasing this other car, wow thank God it wasn`t us. Finally we got to the bowling place. We played 3 games, mine were like 80..I really suck @ bowling lol. But it was a lot of fun. After bowling we came back to Dave`s & got lawn chairs, blankets, & drinks and went to the drive-in. We saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith, & The Longest Yard. The first movie was horribly confusing, and the second was really funny. Around 130 we left and had to get gas. Jenn almost threw up, Morgan was looking for woods to go to the bathroom in, Dave was scraping gum off his shoe, & I was just laughing because it was like 2am and all of that was funny to me. Finally we found woods for Morgan & Dave, Leah got picked up..and Dave drove the rest of us home.

Friday Morgan picked me up after work. We went to his grams who lives 2 streets down to drop off his little brothers carseat. Then we went back to his house and pretty much fell asleep from exhaustion. Then we called a bunch of people to figure out plans. We went to Dave`s house & he had to get ready so he let Morgan take his car to get Leah. Morgan had a field-day cause he liked Dave`s car lol. After we got back to Dave`s people showed up so that side-tracked us. Finally (after fighting about it lol) we decided to go to TGIFriday`s for dinner. That was a lot of fun, it`s nice hanging out with them..it doesn`t feel awkward lol.

Saturday after work Morgan picked me up *like 930ish* and we went back to his house. Dave called saying Leah & him were going to be late so they didn`t get there til like 1030 at night. Finally we got around to watching The Notebook. Of course Leah & I cried, but surprisingly Dave did too lol. Morgan didn`t though. Around 2am Dave took me home & we were stuck infront of Burkett Elementary forEVER w/o moving and there were cops everywhere. And finally as we got closer we realized it was a sobriety check point. Leah and I were laughing for no reason, probably because it was 2am and Dave has a junior license (even though he is 18 he never went to get it switched)..but they just asked where we were going and coming from and let us go.

Sunday Morgan came over and we picked up Syd and Keith and went out to Vince`s new house for a picnic. We jumped on the trampoline & such and went down to the basement and hung out. Keith & Morgan were molesting eachother, haha jk. We had to leave at 530, and we dropped off Syd and Keith. Morgan stayed for my family birthday party. Afterwards we went to Applebee`s at like 9 and had dinner lol. & then we talked to his brother who was working @ Pizza Milano across the street..and eventually went to Tastee Freeze and got ice cream ♥

pics from SundayCollapse )
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past week + 16th bday party stuff [Wednesday
Jun 22nd, at 3:13pm 05 ]
[ mood | bored ]

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday were the usual summer-like days & softball games. That wasn`t meant to rhyme haha. Thursday was Kennywood for West A! So Morgan picked me, syd, & keith up around 1030ish and it was pouring & such. So we decided to take a detour to the Waterfront. So we ended up in Giant Eagle to get cookies, because keith and syd wouldn`t stop fighting so we gave up. Then we went to Kwood finally..& not too many people were there. It was nice cause there were NO lines at all. We rode some rides & such and eventually it cleared up & people came & there were lines haha. We met up w/ people & actually rode a lot unlike last week. all in all it was a whole lot of fun.

Friday vince called me & said nick & him were just driving around so they came to my house & picked me up. We went out to the mall & picked syd up at mad mex & then went to the mall. Tommy gave me free chik-fil-a =D and then we ended up going to South Side. We got ice cream at the Beehive & talked about elementary school growing up lmao. We seriously had the best times back in like 3rd grade. After South Side we went to Holiday Inn. ;) jk jk..its cause Vince`s dad works there. So we went into one of the banquet rooms & 2 of the guys who worked there pushed syd & I around on these wheely things. We also tried sneaking into the 21+ singles dance..that was hilarious. We didn`t come home til like 12..even though nick has a junior license. I wonder if he`s in trouble..lol.

Saturday after work Morgan picked me up and we only had an hour or so to spare to hang out so we went to McDonalds lol. So I got a milkshake..yummm. & then he took me home. I`m drawing a blank as to what I did this weekend. But I`m sure I had softball games and such.

Monday I cleaned some & then Morgan & Taylor (his brother) picked me up and we went back to their house. Morgan let me pitch to him, it was all going well til well I nailed him. Oops =O..I felt bad but I couldn`t help but laugh..so was Taylor who witnessed it lol. After than incident we called it quits and decided to go to the mall. Morgan got a pretzel & we ate & ran into Kyle. Who did better on his math final than me! =( oh well. Then we stopped at Alex`s house for a few mins and she showed us pictures of her vacation. Then he took me home. I had a softball game against Mount Washinton. Their pitcher was pretty amazing. She almost had a no-hitter. Katie was the field umpire (she plays hs ball with me) and I felt bad cause people were getting pissed @ her calls. Annnyways in the end it was 0-0 so we had to do the tie-breaker where they put the last out on 2nd and you get 3 outs. Jenn hit it deep center so Erica scored. That was freaking awesome!

Tuesday Morgan, Shane, & Andy picked Syd & I up and we went to the wavepool. The water was freeeeezing, so we really didn`t want to be in there. We basically walked around and talked. We swam for like 10 mins the whole time we were there. After the wavepool Syd, Shane, & I went back to Morgan`s house. Sydney worked on Shane`s myspace & we listened to music. Eventually we went to Shane`s house. OMG his house is freaking amazing. It`s a damn mansion. The bathroom floors are heated and his house has like 80 rooms, well not really but it`s freaking awesome. Syd & I played hide-and-seek and the boys found us like 4 times but they eventually gave up haha. Then after Shane`s house we went to Syd`s aunts house cause she has a heated pool. It was so refreshing..nite swimming is awesome. =) Morgan & Shane also might be going to Myrtle Beach the same week as Syd & I. That would be freaking amazing.

This morning I had softball practice for Montour. We had to turn in our uniforms and booster money and such. We also had individual meetings so they pulled us out one at a time to tell us what we need to improve on and such. Jenn said my batting was really strong & I am a hard worker..but she thinks I need to work on fundamentals cause I practice them but don`t always do them. OOps. Jul asked me about fall ball so I`ll be playing that for travel and school I guess.

Tomorrow I think Kim is gonna come over and then we`re gonna go to West Virginia with Morgan and Ryan to go bowling hahaha. Its really cheap and it will be fun =)


I`m really lazy & didn`t want to write out invitations so I decided to post who I`m inviting. Some people aren`t on here because I already told them or figure they won`t read this..& some people I flat out forgot because I know I did I`m just drawing a blank. Annnyways it`s going to be @ my house on July 15th. I`ll get the details to you eventually. Anyways check and see if you`re on and if you see this/are coming/or aren`t coming post a comment here. Even if you`re not sure yet. If you don`t have a livejournal post it as anonymous and just tell me who you are. ♥

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Ryan Wagner

Shane Scaff
Dave Dobosh
Matt Wynn

Vince Bevilacqua
Nick Wheat

Jon Ponton

Keith Lamaro

girls *girls can stay over*
Kim Scarns
Lindsey Bartel
Amanda Baker
Alex Andoga
Jenna Cato
Bryanna McNally
Leah-dave`s gf lol
Courtney Wright
Leah Kutschbach
Amy Giedl
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1st week of summer was freaking amazing [Monday
Jun 13th, at 11:15am 05 ]
[ mood | anxious ]

Friday Sydney & I went into school around 11 because we didn`t end up doing our rynn essays and we didn`t want to get in trouble. I had like no classes, so that was nice.

Saturday was Julian`s surprise party. So we were down @ the park and he was supposed to have a game so that`s how we surprised him. It was pretty boring considering there were all these WA freshman that I didn`t know. After Jul`s party I had to go straight to Lindsey`s. We went to the Cheescake Factory & they gave us SOO much food. Lindsey thought this one waiter was really hot..so me, her, and laur went inside and they pointed him out to me, and my first reaction was "lindsey he`s definitely gay" but noooo one listened to me. So then I went up to him and said "my friend thinks you`re hot, will you take a picture with her" and he does the little gay hand motion and says "umm no I don`t think so right now" OMG he was gayer than gay..it was so funny. He reminded me of jack from will & grace. But omg it was great..I knew my gaydar wouldn`t fail me. After dinner we went to American Eagle & then back to Lindsey`s house. We watched Team America, World Police. Haha wow that movie is, umm interesting lol.
Sunday was my cousin`s baby`s christening party. That was lots of fun, not.
Monday I had my chorus final which wasn`t bad, and then in Bio we had a pizza party. So Leah & I walked down the hill to the guard station to wait for the delivery guy. Matt called me and said him & his friends just left their class and ran through the woods to go to some restaurant. That is just crazy if you ask me. Cause they ran, not drove. So Matt entertained me for the 20 minutes it took for the guy to freaking come. Amy came evenutally and joined us & was complaining about her lack of underwear....interesting haha. Then we finally came back & ate.
Tuesday was my History and French finals. I came home & then Amara picked me up and we came back to the school for our chorus cookout. That was fun, I guess haha. The best part was definitely Jenna`s zipper being down. Oh dear. Then Sydney came over and we attempted to study for bio but we ended up sleeping and eating haha. Then we were on the phone with gunnar..and omg was that some fun conversation right there. Morgan called me today, which excited me =) I miss him. He bought my kennywood ticket for next thursday, I can`t wait! Kim might be coming with us now cause she`s like "Talking" to ryan wagner. How I can`t wait for summer! Annnnyways. I had a game against Mount Lebo today. They have a good pitcher, but we were hitting her real well which was good. My first at bat I fouled the ball back like 6 times before I finally hit it..& I was getting frustrated. Then at my 2nd at bat there was someone on 2nd and 1st..and my coach gave me the bunt signal and I was so confused so I bunted..and I put it down but I got thrown out. Then he later told me it was "tug the ear" not "touch the ear". Yeah, I`m an idiot what can I say. Annnyways we won, go us. haha
Wednesday Around 5 syd, kris, erik, and I went to the wave pool. It was fun..some jerk kid there was literally bullying some random kid, and I have never seen anyone actually be like that towards someone. Then kris took us home and mike came over my house and we all just sat on my porch talking and such.
Thursday Finally our last day of school! I got a 98% on that ridiculous bio final =D Then after school was out lindsey, amara, alex, amanda, tommy, and I went to Olive Garden to celebrate. Then I came home and sydney and courtney came over. We hung out for a while and randomly decided to go bathing suit shopping. So we tried on a bunch of them..and I got 2 that I really liked. And of course I had to spend more money to get sunglasses. No wonder I`m always broke. Then Court left, so sydney, mike, mark, and I came back to my house and we just talked and such. We ran into amara on the way down so she came too. Mark left around 10 and then syd and mike left around 11. fun fun..
Friday Syd and I went to the wave pool and met up with matt, gunnar, kris, and erik. It was a lot of fun..minus the guys kept downing us. Some lady got drunk and like threw up in there so we all had to get out for an hour, that sucked. I got really tan..but burned on my shoulders, ouch. I took syd, kris, and erik home..and then I got a fast shower and went to lindseys house and met up with her and amanda. Then we went to Bryan`s graduation party. That was fun, but really sad. We took the most awesome "Faces" pictures haha. but the only thing that sucked was I dropped my phone and the screen starbursted, so I have to get it fixed.
Saturday was Kennywood! Syd & I got there and ended up being by ourselves for a whole 10 minutes maybe. And then we were with people the rest of the time. (lindsey, amara, amanda, kris, erik, joe, mike, chris, john, matt, owen) & more people that I can`t remember we switched around with. It was really hot and humid at first so syd and I decided to talk around in just our bathing suit tops and shorts. But finally the humidity sort of went away. We only went on like 6 rides the whole time becuase we were basically just walking around with people. But it was a lot of fun, I can`t wait til thursday (west a`s kennywood)
Sunday Morgan called me this morning =) he`s coming back Tuesday..I can`t wait. My mom & I went to Verizon to get my phone fixed and they were going to charge us like 50 dollars for this stupid phone and wouldnt let us pay a little more to upgrade cause they are assholes. Plus their tech guys weren`t there so we`re going back today (monday). Then my mom took me back to Syd`s and we went to the wavepool with sarah. It was really nice out, but there weren`t too many hott guys for some reason. lol jk. I am so tan it`s freaking crazy! Annnyways. After I got home I went and picked up bryanna and we went to giant eagle with my mom, and then came bakc to my house and syd and mike came over. Bry left around 1030..and syd and mike left around 1130. Matt & I got in a fight for the first time, which lasted like 5 minutes lol.

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schools almost over, can`t you tell. [Thursday
Jun 2nd, at 8:44pm 05 ]
[ mood | bored ]

Monday after school I came home for an hour and then Morgan came to pick me up, and Syd wasn`t ready so we drove around aimlessly for like 15 minutes and then came & got her. & then we went and picked up Andy & headed to the mall. Everyone bought something but me, because I`m sweet like that lol. But we all ate, which was a bad idea, because we got like sick from the chik-fil-a haha. So then we dropped andy off at home cause he had to go out somewhere, & then we went down to Neville for Morgan`s hockey game. Syd & I went off after he gave me like his keys, wallet, cell phone, & all this stuff lol. & I ended up losing my cell phone which sucked. But we found it in the lost & found. So anyways his team won, and then he was gonna drive Matt home..& he took Syd & I home too.

Wednesday during 1-3rd periods was the Athletic Awards Breakfast. So we had breakfast and then went to the auditorium, everyone on my team got this nice plaque for winning section. Then we left around 2 and headed to fairhaven for the quarterfinals. It was an amazing game, we were tied 0-0 at the top of the 7th & they scored a run, and then we scored a run..and then it was 1-1 during the 8th and 9th..and in the 10th they scored and we didn`t. We lost, I am in shock. We deserve to go so much farther. I love all my softball girls sooo much, but I`m going to miss the seniors terribly. After the game I came home & Morgan called me around 630..and we didn`t get off the phone until 1230 which is effing crazy.

Thursday Morgan came and picked me up & I went over his house. I met his parents they are really nice. His house is amazing too, it`s really pretty. We jumped on his trampoline with his little brother and then went on his computer for like ever lol. & then we met up with his dad at Pirmantis and had dinner..and then Morgan & I left & had 2 hours to spare..so we picked up Jenna & Sydney. We attempted to go to Neville Island to mini-golf, but it was closing..so we came back to Ingram and just did random stuff like went to Giant Eagle & the fields. Then we ended up at Sydney`s house and just talked for a while, but we had to be leaving cause he has a junior license, so he took me home.

Friday in chorus we had a free-day for like the first time ever, which was awesome. In history we had to do dancing for our creative projects and kyle suggested chris & me dating & I was like no and chris was like she`s my best friend. And I was like aww haha. & then in math class we had a subsitute and we were taking this test (which I know I failed literally) and erik comes in and sits down to take the test & none of us noticed. So the sub starts going up and down the rows doing attendance and she`s like who are you? and we all look..and erik was in there trying to take the test for matt lmao. Wow that was great. In bio leah, bryce, amy & I had "Story time" which I love lol. & then in English I failed my Crucible test. I love my sophomoritis. So after school Morgan came to pick me up..and then we picked amara up, and then lindsey. Then we went to guitar center and he played the drums for me, and so did lindsey. & then we went back & I attempted to play what I remember from taking piano when I was in 6th grade but I didn`t remember much. After that we went to the mall to get something for dinner and then went down to Neville because he had to work. So we stayed for the dodgeball tournamnet & then afterwards Morgan drove us all home & I felt bad cause it was like midnight before he got home..and he had been running around the whole time reffing the dodgeball thing. So I called him so he wouldn`t fall asleep lol.

Saturday I went out to dinner with the rents and then picked up shelley and we went to brads. Morgan, Tierney, Ryan W, Matt, & Jess were also there. We watched Silence of the Lambs and then decided we`d all just talk and do random stuff the rest of the night. That was a lot of fun..everyone left around 1230, and shell & I slept over.

Sunday I got my new cell phone finally, and I`m already addicted to text messaging. I went to my grams for a party & then Morgan came and picked me up and we went over Dave`s house. Leah & him were making s`mores haha. & then we were outside and this deer was like in his back yard, it was freaking scary. Finally about 4 more guys came over and we all left and went to brandon`s house for a bonfire. Morg and I only stayed for like 15 minutes..but we went to go get ice cream and left.

Monday Morgan & Austin came over my house around 1030..and I was like in my pjs still pretty much. So I threw on clothes and they played xbox in my room while I straightened my hair lol. And then we were all fighting over a picture I wouldn`t let them see. Around 1130 we left my house and went to Crafton to catch the end of the Memorial Day parade and we picked up Lindsey who was in it for drumline. Then we all left and went to the Pirate Game. We ended up sitting in the "white trash" section as we`ll say because everyone there was extremely trashy..it was quite annoying lol. Well the Pirate`s won in the 10th! woo lol. After the Pirate Game, Morgan & I took Lindsey and Austin home & we went to Vocelli`s cause Andy made us a pizza..and then we went back to his house and ate. I stayed there til about 1030? And he took me home.

Tuesday I went over Morgan`s house. He let me pitch to him, even though he only had this catchers glove that was way too small & I was afraid he`d miss & I`d hurt him..but he didn`t. Then we went next door to his neighbor`s to meet him & the guy freaking let me bat in the cages he has..in his backyard. That was effing amazing lol. But it was only baseball..and it was on 75 and I was hitting it..which excited me lol. Then Morg hit and he did really well too. We went back inside and his mom made us food and then we left and went to Wendy`s and almost got in a car accident, that was freaking scary! We were about to pull out and go left, when this SUV comes speeding out of nowhere and almost hit right into the drivers side. I like looked up and saw it before Morgan and I screamed and thank God he stopped. I was like shaking the rest of the way home..

Wednesday Bryanna rode my bus home & then Hali came over too. We were playing softball for a little lol, and then Morgan came to get Bry & I..and Hali left. We went to Neville Island & he had to work but Bry and I went over to the cages. Those cages suck. The fastpitch softball cage was not very fast at all..so I went into the "fast baseball" cage..and it wasn`t that fast either..but mostly it was really high and it was impossible for me to hit considering I`m not that tall. But I did..and then we went over to the dome and Morgan let us hit golf balls again lol. Then we ate and stuff..and eventually he took us home.

Today was an extremely boring day of school. All we`ve done is study for finals. We danced in History for our 90`s creative project and did the cha cha slide and macarena. In Bio Amy, Leah, and I planned out a pizza party..and in English we planned one too. After school Morgan called me..he`s leaving for NC today for 2 weeks, and his phone is Cricket so he can`t call me down there which sucks. Now I have to do my damn Rynn 3-page essay..because he is an asshole and gives us work when there is like 5 days of school left. Grr..lol.

happy birthday to Brit & Jake-today
Lindsey & Candice-tomorrow

my birthday=1 month tomorrow..hotel party (if you want to come just ask, I`m doing the same thing as last year lol)

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I can feel summer, right around the corner [Sunday
May 22nd, at 10:29pm 05 ]
[ mood | happy ]

Alright, so Sunday I came over Bryanna`s for a little & then we finished getting ready & went to our school softball banquet. They had really good food, score, lol..& it was pretty sad overall. Jenn did this powerpoint presentation on the seniors & people were crying lol. After the banquet Syd called me & wanted to hang out but it was like 9 so I told her to just come & sleepover so she did. Getting ready for school the next morning with two teenagers was surprisingly not hard. Lets hope next year when I`m a senior & my sister is a freshman it`s that easy lol.

Monday we had after-school chorus rehersal & that was a waste of life. So afterwards Amara, Syd, Drew, Justin & I went to the mall. We were there for like an hour & got really bored so we were about to leave & we ran into Ange, Josh, & them. So we made plans for them to come over Syd`s and we were gonna all sleep over. So then we went to NPCH & ended up being there til 11 just eating & talking. Then we were all really tired so we went to our own houses and never called them.

Tuesday we had off school, thank God. I really can`t remember what I did. I might`ve had softball or something..who knows. Wednesday we had a scrimmage against Brashear for softball. Thankfully it was at home. I have no idea who won, not that it matters. After the game I left & got a quick shower and came right back to the high school for my chorus concert. I had some big falling out over shoes with my mom so she told me "to get my ass back home afterwards cause I wasn`t going out" so that pissed me off. The concert was okay, we didn`t forget the words @ least. Afterwards on the way home I complained to my mom & I think she just wanted me out of her face so I went to King`s & met up with Syd, Amara, & Drew. Wow if I didn`t I would`ve been so pissed because it was awesome. Syd had her camcorder so Drew was taping me and her talking about random funny stuff & imitating the jenna thing. & then we he filmed some effing funny people lmao. I love those 3, I swear to God they are the best. We have so much fun when we hang out..I can`t wait for Kennywood!

Thursday was that damn senior awards assembly. Which they really should just call "The Brandon Lowden & Jess Tirone Awards." Because those two seriously won everything. It was a waste of life, but hey we got out of 1-3rd periods. In Bio Leah & I decided to go down to lunch to get food, so we lied as to where we were going, and came back up with chips. The teacher knew but oh well. Friday I was sick, for real this time lol, so I stayed home. Amara, Syd, & Jenna all did too..so school would`ve sucked for the most part anyways. It kind of sucked though because I was sick & it was friday and I couldn`t go out, but oh well I did 2 times earlier this week. So brad, ryan, ryan, mike, chris..and more people that I can`t remember came over my house to get stuff and they`re all in my living room where I look half dead lol. That was only somewhat embarassing.

Saturday Bryanna & I met up with the team at Fairhaven to watch Hampton play Belle Vernon for the 1st round of playoffs..and Hampton won so we`ll be playing them for quarterfinals on Tuesday. Around the 3rd inning brad & morgan came down to watch the game with us and we left after it was over and went to a bonfire. Morgan went 120 on the highway..yeah I was just a little frightened, but he has a hott hottttt car. haha. So then we picked up ryan w, ryan t, and mike (& they like couldn`t fit in the car lol) but we got to Brad Miles` house and my BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD (of course I have like 2 more of those lol) but Sydney was there and we were like all over eachother because we love eachother. & then eventually she kicked me off her lap and there were no seats but Morgan was nice to me..and so was Brian sometimes. & then Morgan had a golf club in the fire which literally exploded and scared me to death, and then Keith was trying to light me on fire-jerk. lol.
So then eventually Morgan took brad, ryan, ryan, mike, & I home. & they all went up to their little "bachelors pad" & chris, angelo, and his girlfriend came over & I gave chris some girl advice lol. cough.

Today I helped my aunt clean a lot because they just moved in their house, and then I talked to morgan and he picked me up from there and we almost his an opossum on the highway! I would`ve cried lol. & then we went to Sydney`s grams house for her mom`s bday cause we had nothing better to do. I accidentally left my softball bag in Morgan`s car so he`s gonna pick me up from practice at the highschool tomorrow & we`re gonna pick up Syd & go out to eat somewhere. & then maybe come back to my house or something..depending on the time cause he has a hockey game and I have a softball game. Ahh I love life, and I love the fact that summer is in 12 SCHOOL DAYS! hell yes.

pictures coming soon
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pirate games =D [Saturday
May 14th, at 11:59am 05 ]
[ mood | chipper ]

I`ve had games everyday this week. Wednesday was a double header at west a, we won 8-2, which means we won section..yes =D
Thursday Autumn, my cousin, had her baby it`s a boy. In school we left during 1st period and went to FG elementary for a chorus concert for the elem. kids..it was pretty boring, and the little kids kept clapping off-beat during the songs oh gosh. Then we came back to school & had subway sandwich`s + more in the band room, yummm. Then Syd, Sarah, and I skipped 6/7th period and went and hid between the bookcases in the library haha. We had some fun talks! Then a double header at Shaler, varsity played first and we beat them 3-1, Shaler`s the state champs too!

Friday lindsey & I went over jenn`s house. We went to the park & watched the boys play baseball a little and then came back to her house. She has the journey and eagles dvds..so we watched them & I was really happy. Then we watched breakfast club which is like the best movie ever!!

Saturday as soon as I got online Ryan told me he got his license that morning! I was excited lol. & then I left to go get picutures for travel softball. It was pouring down rain so erica, manda, brooke, shelby, & I went and played on the playground =) After being soaked our coach told us pictures were cancelled. Then Ryan W told me I should check my voice mail on my cell phone, so I did and I hear "message one of fifty" and I`m like wtf? and then the next message is "number 2 of fifty, yeah that`s right we`re going to fifty" and it was like him, ryan tierle, brad, and jude. There were some pretty interesting messages let me tell you. But my mailbox got full at like 39 so they had to stop.

Well I`m not really in the mood to remember everything that happened this week, I basically had days that lasted from 7am to 11 at night without coming home because I`d have school softball and then travel. We haven`t had our starting pitcher for a single game yet because she`s on her high school team and they won`t allow her to pitch yet. I`ve been playing shortstop, and I`m batting 1-4 in the line up..but my batting isn`t to great yet. oh well. Mr. Maxin has been gone the whole week in science which is an added bonus, so now I can sit with bryce without getting yelled at by the teacher. We`ve been doing nature walks which are cool except for when some people push me in the grass. lol. & steal my sucker & only give me half back to eat, cough bryce. Good think amy & leah are in that class I`d die..we have such weird kids in there. Today we had this movie day 1st-2nd period where we paid 2 dollars to get out of class and go in the auditorium, which everyone basically did. We watched dodgeball, & I`m shocked our school let us watch that haha. Then later at night me & amara got really pissed off, ha, and decided why not go to the Pirate Game! So that`s what we did, and we met up with ben & jason & that was lots of fun. We barely watched any of the game but it`s cool. I really want to go to a game that I can actually watch though, but no one I was with wanted to so I didn`t have a choice. We decided that it`s gonna be our new thing to do for the four of us, and our last day of school this year we`re gonna go.

Tomorrow I was gonna go to the high school and walk a few miles for the fundraiser, but I am just way too busy. I have a softball game for travel, & then I`m going to jake/luke`s for a while..and then we`re going to jul`s baseball game..so I`m pretty busy. Sunday is our softball banquet for school, that should be a lot of fun..and pretty sad =/ But we still have playoffs =D

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it`s mayyyy! [Sunday
May 1st, at 5:04pm 05 ]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Tuesday was a home varisty game against KO, we beat them =) I saw niki xenaxis (we used to play travel together last year) and then emily and jenn demsey, we are on the same team this year. That was the first time I`ve seen Emily pitch since we were around 12 years old lol. She throws pretty hard, and she has a nice mix so we should have a good travel season..if we ever get to practice! We`ve had one so far, they keep getting messed up because of the weather, and we can`t have weekday practices because everyone`s on teams for their school already. Anyways..today was another varsity game @ home, only it was against Oakland Catholic. We discussed how we`d never be able to go to an all girls school lol, but anyways. We ended up winning, we weren`t really focused, but the umps were like an hour late so we were just sitting around loosing concentration. Not to mention two obstruction calls that they called AGAINST us, and lost us 2 runs..when really they should`ve called interference on that heffer of a catcher they had. lol anyways, bry and I were FREEZING, so we both tried to fit into her sweatshirt and became conjoined twins, that was fun. Jenn [our coach] looked @ us like we were crazy, haha. & then she [jenn] was making fun of some old hopewell coach who used to clap like he was retarded...so after the game I came home & my dad found some picture of Ryan in the newspaper for baseball..& he [Ryan] wanted me to try to scan it to him..so I did. & then he wanted to see my horrible softball picture, which I got today.
♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday was "take your kid to work day" so a lot of people were absent, which resulted in a free day in computers & math..heck yes. Lunch was awesome today, drew told me that Mr. Lucas wants to bring the chorus on the band spring trip next year (it`s either to disney or myrtle beach) & that would be effing great! I love everyone that`s in chorus & band so much..it would be amazing. & thennnn we have this janitor who is REALLY mean, and he like takes people`s change off the floor and shoves it in his pocket. We call him radar cause he can like hear a nickel drop on the ground from like a mile away and he comes running. Well anyways, some teacher (idk what his name is) took a piece of white string and tied it around a quarter..and threw it infront of "radar" and when he went to pick it up the teacher pulled the string back. Omg I was loosing it, I mean that has been our plan the whole year, and a TEACHER..pulled it off. Lmao
♥ ♥ ♥

Friday we played at North Allegheny. They`re a quad A team who kicked us out of the playoffs last year so this was a really big game. We got there around 245 and started pre-games and stuff & jv played first and tied 2-2 because of the time limit. & then varsity played, it was NA`s senior night, so they wanted us to stand on the line like their varsity was so they could get called..and the seniors were like "only 2 claps" but I felt bad so I just clapped lol. & then we played & jul really brought the heat, it was crazy. But the game ended up tieing 0-0. We definitely out-hit them though, we had base runners on every inning and they only had 1 hit. But the stupid umps wouldn`t let us go into extra innings because it was getting dark outside. So then we went up towards the bus & the parents bought us hoagies, chips, and pop..which was so needed since it was like 730 and I hadn`t eaten since 12 (lunch) & then we went home. My mom got me ice cream..woo hoo! lol. & then I got a shower & went to syd`s. Amara, Drew, Tierney, Joe, Adam, Mike, & Gunnar (he goes to WA) were there. Gunnar, Adam, & Syd were wearing lingerie..that was interesting lol. I took a picture and my camera died, which made me mad. & then we watched a little bit of the movie fear, & then just hung out in her room. All the guys left excpet drew around 12..so Syd, Amara, Drew & I pigged out on pizza. Syd`s mom came home, drunk off her ass, & was cutting up on Justin (Syd`s boyfriend) it was so damn funny. & syd`s mom said syd is bringing me to Cedar Point with them on Jul 1 and 2..yay! lol. So we ate some more & then all 4 of us eventually fell asleep. Except it was uncomfortbale as ever because Syd & I were on the bed, Drew was sleeping @ our feet..and it was hot in there..ugg lol.
♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday my travel coach called and said our pictures are rescheduled. But my mom is supposed to go pick up my uniform or something, cause we`re doing them next week. Julian came over around 4 and ended up eating over..and then we watched Austin Powers. Then we decided we were bored so we went to kennedy and rented Friday Night Lights & Riding the Bullet. We watched Friday Night Lights, it was pretty good..the ending was weird, & then it was like 1130 & he left..so we didn`t get to watch the other movie.
♥ ♥ ♥

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espn, dodgeball, & movies. [Monday
Apr 25th, at 7:14pm 05 ]
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This week went pretty fast. Thursday ESPN came to our school (because our school somehow used to be good at football but now absolutely sucks) & they`re doing this contest called "beyond they glory". So anyways, we had a pep rally & some lady from ESPN came and judged us I guess? On school spirit maybe. The school gave everyone these ugly Montour t-shirts that we HAD to wear. So everyone cut their's and made parts of it into headbands, hats, and random stuff. But it was pretty cool. Then they did this big long presentation on our school`s like football and such, it was actually really interesting. Hopefully they`ll pick us out of the 12 schools, because if they do we win a new stadium, a new weight room, & a reality tv show on like our football season. so after that pep rally we had a softball game against CV, we beat them 12-0 =D then I went to Brad`s house, & Ryan W & Ryan T came over and we attempted to do homework but that didn`t work out so well.

Friday we didn`t have school so I slept over Brad`s Thursday & we went out for lunch at T.G.I.Fridays around 2ish. Then I went over miss Alexandra Andoga`s house with Lisa Maria & we just chilled. & then we ate & went to the dodgeball tournament at Neville Island. Brad, & the Ryans came again..it was pretty fun. There are so many kids @ our school that are in this thing. It`s supposed to be "Extreme" but it`s not too extreme if you ask me. All though they were definitely loud and stuff. Ryan & I called eachother on cell phones and sat next to each other and talked, yeah we started to get bored. So then I called matt, he was @ his friends house not there, and talked for a little.

Saturday I came back over brad`s & ryan t was there. We went out to dinner but it took forever finding somewhere because everything had like a 2 hour wait. So we went to tgifridays, olive garden, npch, and finally ended up at eat n park haha. After dinner we decided to go cosmic bowling, but that didn`t happen so we went to see Amityville Horror. It was brad, brian, ryan, and me. I was freaking out and kept screaming & I usually don`t get scared in movies. After that we came back home and slept..

Sunday morning ryan & christan called and said they rented the original Amityville Horror, so they came over & we ordered pizza & were bored out of our minds cause the original sucked. Then I finally came home and pretty much went to bed cause I was exhausted.

Today we were supposed to have a game against KO (varsity) & it got cancelled so we had practice..but the guys had taken over the school like usual so the seniors had their cars & drove us all to Fairhaven & we practiced til 530. Bryanna, Sara, & I talked about mary really being a virgin haha. I had the worst migraine today & I felt sick to my stomach, luckily it`s getting better. ♥


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